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WEBINAR: Working with Transgender Survivors: Core Information for Domestic Violence & Allied Professionals

This fast-paced webinar will assist domestic violence advocates and other victim service providers in better serving transgender survivors. Many providers are committed to serving transgender clients, but could provide even more competent and sensitive services with additional information. This webinar will primarily focus on basic transgender concepts, but will include content specifically geared toward advocates. References will also be provided on where to learn more about basic transgender topics, as well as more in-depth information on the intersections of trans survivors domestic violence, and sexual assault.

The discussion will include:

  • The expansive diversity of the transgender community
  • Exploring social, medical, legal, and other options trans people may pursue
  • Common barriers that trans people face when considering or attempting to access domestic violence and sexual assault-related services
  • Resources on where to access more information on transgender survivors and how to provide more sensitive and respectful services
  • Practical action items you can start implementing today

After this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe who is included under the transgender umbrella.
  • List three barriers transgender survivors face when trying to access shelter services.
  • State at least two transgender-specific prevalence statistics.
  • Identify at least two questions victim service providers need to ask any transgender survivor.


National Alliance Members: Free
Non-Members: $25


Michael Munson is the co-founder and executive director of FORGE, an organization focused on improving the lives of transgender individuals by building stronger connections, providing resources, and empowering growth through knowledge. FORGE is a national training and technical assistance provider funded through the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women and the Office for Victims of Crime. Munson's educational background is in psychology, with an emphasis on trauma-informed care and non-traditional healing modalities. His work on violence against transgender and gender non-binary individuals stresses the intersectionality between complex components of identity, experience, and societal constructs that can both spur violence, as well as catalyze healing for individuals and communities. He is passionate about engaging professionals to embrace these complexities and learn key skills to better serve their clients/constituents.

Loree Cook-Daniels, FORGE’s policy and program director, has helped design and co-facilitate FORGE’s multiple in-person and virtual support groups, research studies, and programs since 2000. She has been involved in advocacy, research, training, and services for LGBT populations since 1975, and is nationally-known for her writing, training, and policy work on LGBT aging, trauma and trauma recovery, and transgender issues. She co-chairs the policy committee of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs and serves on the National LGBT Aging Roundtable. Cook-Daniels holds a B.A. in women’s studies and history, an M.S. in conflict management, and a post-graduate certificate in trauma counseling.