JWI cares deeply about women and their rights, but there are a few issue areas that we are particularly passionate about. 

For young women especially, it may be difficult to imagine being unable to plan the family you want, bring your rapist to court, or protect yourself from an abusive partner, but these rights are not God-given. They were lobbied for, voted on, and enacted into law, and they can be taken away.

That’s why it’s so important to remain politically vigilant - for your body, your career, your family, your country, your future.

What's at stake?

What do we do next?

Pledge to embrace your activism - to carry the spirit of the Women’s March with you every day by taking a stand, staying engaged, fighting back.

Call your Senators and Representatives about issues - regardless of whether you are in a blue or red state - let them know how their actions impact your community. 

Engage in local issues - pick an issue that matters to you and make it your own - reproductive choice, education - whatever it is - donate your time and your talent.

Get appointed or elected to something! We need more women working 365 days of the year at every level.

Give to organizations that can do the heavy lifting on the issues that matter to you. A donation to JWI will allow us to continue our critical work in these areas.

Register to Vote!


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