Still more mass shootings, punishment for public assistance, and misogyny on both sides of the border: Your civic action to-do list for 8-19-19

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3. In the last 18 days there have been 19 mass shootings. Our elected officials MUST take this epidemic seriously and act now.

In a nutshell: There are many factors that are strongly associated with mass shootings, including access to guns, misogyny and racism, and a history of violence. While the NRA claims that mental illness is often linked to mass shootings, research shows that the overwhelming majority of mental health patients will never commit a violent act in their lifetimes.  

Take Action: Tell your members of Congress to support gun violence prevention policies that have been proven to make a difference -- a ban on assault weapons, mandated background checks for all firearm purchases, and ‘red flag’ laws.

2. Legal residents should not be afraid to apply for lifesaving public benefits because of fear of deportation. And yet the administration is proposing a ‘public charge’ rule that will do just that!

In a nutshell: The Department of Homeland Security issued a policy in which legal residents and immigrants could be denied visas, green cards, and entry into the United States simply because they have received or are likely to apply for a public benefit such as nutrition and housing assistance and health care.

Take Action: Learn more about the impact of this policy on domestic violence survivors by registering for an informational webinar on Thursday, August 29th at 4:00 p.m. EST. You can also spread the word about the harmful effects of the rule on social media by using the hashtag #ProtectFamilies. Here are some sample posts:

*No one should have to choose between their immigration status, their health, or their ability to put food on the table. The administration should immediately rescind their “public charge” rule. #ProtectFamilies

*If the administration’s “public charge” rule goes into effect, it will have a devastating impact on millions of lives. We must stand up to #ProtectFamilies

1. Thousands of women and families are fleeing a culture of extreme violence in Central America to seek safety in the United States. This administration seems determined to deny them asylum.

In a nutshell: The New York Times published a heartbreaking story yesterday of one family’s experience of violence in Guatemala and their journey to the United States. It focuses on the culture of misogyny and the scourge of domestic violence that plagues these communities and leads to an environment of extreme danger for women. 

“Men end up thinking they can dispose of women as they wish,” said Adriana Quiñones, the United Nations Women’s country representative in Guatemala.” - NYT

Take Action: Read and share Lubia’s story to put a human face on the damaging impact of this administration’s immigration policies.