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10 Women to Watch in 5763

>Margaret Siegel
>Rabbi Yael Ridberg
>Andrea Kalin
>Nikki Tesfai
>Col. Michelle Ross
>Linda Addison
>Dr. Rachel Brem
>Deborah Drattell
>Pearl Gluck
>Ruth Bar-On

10 Women to Watch in 5763

The status quo isn’t nearly enough for the 10 extraordinary women we honor as Women to Watch in 5763. These are women who dream dreams and have visions of the way things should be. They also possess the drive, confidence, and savvy to transform their aspirations into reality. Ranging in age from 30 to 62, they are making decided marks in radiology, filmmaking, law, opera, business, the rabbinate, human services, and chemical defense research. They live their lives with energy and compassion, never forgetting that to be Jewish and a woman means to care about others and the world in which we live.

We hope their stories inspire you and ignite your own passion to make a difference.

Margaret Siegel

Rabbi Yael Ridberg Andrea Kalin

Nikki Tesfai Col. Michelle Ross Linda Addison
Dr. Rachel Brem Deborah Drattell Pearl Gluck Ruth Bar-On

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