What can an organization do?

  • Include flyers or a newsletter article in synagogue or organizational bulletins

  • Sell cards at events at your synagogue or school

What can an individual do?

  • Place posters in local stores, restaurants, and community centers

  • Include a Flower Project badge on your blog or webpage

  • Tweet about the project

  • Post to your Facebook page

  • Share Flower Project promotional images on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

  • Email your friends and family

What can college organizations do?

  • Table on campus

  • Pair up with a fraternity or other campus organization

  • Put posters up around campus

  • Introduce the project to your panhellenic officers

Sample Tweets

A simple, thoughtful way to show women in DV shelters some love this #MothersDay: http://youtu.be/QaogoFyLn4c

What effect does your #MothersDay gift have? Be inspired by voices from our Flower Project partner shelters: https://youtu.be/5dNM6iQQY8s

We're proud to partner with @JewishWomenIntl to send hope to women's #DV shelters this #MothersDay: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

Help women in domestic violence shelters celebrate #MothersDay. Give the gift of hope this year! jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018 #DV

Honor women you love by sending hope to women in need this #MothersDay. Join us, support the Flower Project: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

Sweet #MothersDay gift with impact: Card for your mom = meaningful gift for moms in DV shelters. Learn more: http://youtu.be/QaogoFyLn4c #FP2018

This #MothersDay, give flowers to someone else's mom...She'll love it. Support the Flower Project: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018 #EndDV

Show Mom what a mensch she raised! Each #MothersDay card/e-card sends gifts to domestic violence shelters: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

At any stage in life, flowers should be given with love. Tell moms in DV shelters #YouAreLoved this #MothersDay jwi.org/flowerproject

#MothersDay is coming up! The card you send could make a difference to women in domestic violence shelters: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

Sample Facebook + Instagram Posts

We are proud to partner with JWI [tag us @jewishwomeninternational] to deliver hope to domestic violence shelters this Mother’s Day. Join us by giving the special women in your life the gift that gives back to women in need. jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

Tired of the same old Mother’s Day gifts? Make Mother’s Day special for women in domestic violence shelters and let the people you love know they've inspired you to give back. jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

Mothers show courage in so many ways and inspire us every day. Send a Mother's Day card to honor the people who have made a difference to you, and give back to thousands of moms in domestic violence shelters. Learn more: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

For Mother’s Day, how about a significant gift that celebrates the women you love while honoring mothers in need? The Flower Project is the answer: jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

A Mother’s Day card with a lasting impact: The Flower Project honors mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, in-laws, friends and more while sending hope and support to women in domestic violence shelters. jwi.org/flowerproject #FP2018

Sample Facebook Images

Use these in a post or as a banner for your page during the month! 

Out of the Darkness_2.jpg
Out of the Darkness.jpg

Sample Instagram Images

These images can be used for Facebook as well, but are square to be optimized for Instagram!


Email to Friends and Family

Don’t be shy – tell your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors how the Flower Project delivers comfort and support to women living in domestic violence shelters, while raising awareness about domestic abuse. Spreading the word is easy: Just copy and paste the text below into an e-mail, personalize it as you wish, and hit “send.”


Dear [insert recipient name],

Most of us already send Mother’s Day cards to the women who influence, love and support us. This year that card could help save a woman’s life, if you give a gift through JWI’s Flower Project.

For each $25 donation you make to the Flower Project, JWI sends a beautiful Mother’s Day card to any honoree you choose, thanking him or her for inspiring you. Additionally, your contribution helps JWI send Mother’s Day bouquets and financial literacy resources to 200 domestic violence shelters around the country, brightening the holiday for thousands of women and their children.

Please consider sending Mother’s Day cards with a deeper meaning this year. Supporting the Flower Project is easy - just visit jwi.org/flowerproject to learn more about the project and make a secure contribution. Please lend your support in any way you can, and then pass this along to your friends. Your participation can change the course of a woman’s future.

Abuse affects women of every faith, age, and socioeconomic group, so it is an issue that touches all of us – directly or indirectly, whether we realize it or not. I hope you will join me in supporting JWI through this important project. With each card you give, you create the opportunity to raise awareness about domestic abuse.

Thank you,

Newsletter Article

A Meaningful Mother's Day Gift for Loved Ones and Women in Need

[Insert organization name] has joined JWI (Jewish Women International) in honoring the 45,000 women and children who will spend Mother's Day in domestic violence shelters. Through the annual Flower Project, JWI sends bouquets of flowers and financial literacy resources to 200 shelters across the United States. By participating in the Flower Project, we can make a difference for these survivors of violence while celebrating the people we love. This project lets you give a gift that honors everything your loved ones have given you - and the person you have become because of it.

Here is how it works:

  1. You choose an amazing person in your life - mother or father, brother or sister, husband or wife, grandparent, child, friend - to receive a Mother's Day or Father's Day card.

  2. You make a meaningful $25 donation to JWI in honor of this special person.

  3. JWI sends a beautiful card, which will arrive by Mother's Day or Father's Day, to each designated recipient, stating that a charitable contribution has been made in his or her honor. Gorgeous e-cards are also available.

  4. JWI uses proceeds from the sale of these cards to send beautiful bouquets of flowers and financial literacy resources to more than 200 domestic violence shelters on Mother's Day.

  5. Your donation also funds JWI's year-round work to empower women and girls and break the cycle of domestic violence, and a portion also goes back to [insert organization name].

Contributions to the Flower Project can be made by filling out the enclosed form, online at www.jwi.org/flowerproject, or by phone at 202-857-1300. Be sure to note [insert organization name] as your partner of choice!

For more information, please contact JWI at 202-857-1300 or [email protected]

Extras: Badges and printables

Save and use these images and documents to spread the word about your Flower Project participation on blogs, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media.

Use one of these as your social media profile pic:

For download or email: 

Download this form to print the first page as a poster or email the fillable PDF to anyone unable to donate online.

Download this form to print the first page as a poster or email the fillable PDF to anyone unable to donate online.

Print these stickers on 2x2" Avery labels (22806)

Print these stickers on 2x2" Avery labels (22806)


Become a Flower Project partner in 2019!

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