As you (should) know, there’s an election coming up on November 6th! A significant part of JWI’s mission is civic engagement: Using our voices to protect the rights of women and girls.

Hear Us Vote is a nonpartisan initiative to encourage young women (and all people!) to vote in ALL elections – from the White House to the city council – for the changes they want to see in America.

We the People decide whether or not our elected officials get to keep their jobs – but only if we show up and vote. November is the time to tell our representatives whether they’ve let us down or made us proud by speaking through the ballot box. This is your time to be heard!

What Can you Do?  

What can WE do together?

  • Tell us TODAY if you’re interested in registering people to vote in your community.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Share an image from our social media toolkit to encourage your networks to register and participate!

“Hear Us Vote” shirts are available in a variety of styles and colors: Get yours now!

And, join us at an upcoming event: