How JWI can help you create a safe, respectful, and equitable workplace


As it is with domestic violence and sexual assault, our Jewish community is not immune to sexual misconduct and harassment in our workplaces. JWI has a decades long commitment to ending violence against women and girls by offering healthy relationship and bystander intervention workshops; empowering access to economic security through financial literacy trainings; and showcasing women leaders, mentors, and role models. We have been recognized not only for the quality of our trainings, but for our ability to engage men and boys as allies. JWI is the organization to lead our community to a new workplace reality, where staff can work without harassment and speak out without fear of recrimination and where all are valued and respected.

Our goal is to create community and organizational buy-in, helping organizations make the commitment to drive this work forward and create inclusive and transparent strategies and policies around sexual harassment in the Jewish workplace.

As with all of our work, JWI understands that work to end sexual harassment is inextricably linked to gender parity. Included in all of the offering below is a discussion of strategies and policies on pay equity, hiring, and women’s leadership and mentorship. 


What we offer

Large Group/Community Presentations:

JWI senior staff offers large group trainings with Federations, agencies, women’s organizations, organization conferences, and community events for an overview of the importance and value of proactively addressing sexual harassment in the Jewish communal world. These conversations raise awareness around the issue, offer statistics on the prevalence of occurrence, allow attendees to work through real scenarios, and outline next steps organizations must take to create real, systemic change. Our approach, developed over our decades-long history of work to end violence against women and girls, is holistic, prevention-focused, and positive — providing a way to become allies, allowing organizational leaders to understand that by stepping up, they are part of the solution.

Board and senior staff presentation and consultation:

  • JWI senior leadership will meet with your Board and senior staff for an overview of the importance and value of proactively addressing sexual harassment and how to ensure your workplace is safe and equitable for all employees, volunteers, and lay leaders. 

  • At the conclusion of the presentation, the Board will develop aspirational goal and statement of values. 

  • JWI is also available to consult on strategic communications plan for these statements. 

Culture scan:

Understanding that there is no one strategy that will fit each workplace, JWI will work directly with your staff to identify red flags in your organization and develop a holistic strategy for creating a truly safe and equitable workplace. Culture scan includes:

  • interviews with key staff at all levels

  • review of current policies

  • review of current reporting procedures

  • meeting with current compliance officer (or similar)

  • review of salaries and pathways to advancement

Donor Training:

JWI can work with Board on strategies and policies specific to donor relations. JWI also offers training workshops for your donors, helping them recognize their position of power, unpacking their unique informal and formal relationships with staff, and identifying their roles as part of a safe, respectful, equitable workplace.

Staff Training:

JWI believes that sexual harassment staff training should be in-person, on-going, interactive and should include bystander intervention strategies. We are available to create trainings for small organizations (under 25 staff). 

Gender Equity in Hiring and Lay Leadership Consultation:

Consulting is available for any current search committees or Board nominating committee members to ensure gender equity in hiring.

Women’s Mentorship and Leadership Consultation:

Building off of our years of experience mentoring the next generation of women leaders through our national Young Women’s Leadership Networks and Leadership Councils, JWI will create a mentorship and leadership program specifically for your organization that will allow current and future female staff at all levels to advance to most senior leadership. Final program will also include strategies for current and future search committees.

Interested in bringing any of the above to your organization? 

Contact Meredith Jacobs at [email protected] or 202.464.4803