Positivity Jar

In 2018, we're challenging ourselves to keep a record of something positive that happens each day. Join us by creating your own jar, whether it's physical or just a note on your phone, and by sharing on social media, tagging @JewishWomenIntl and using #positivityjar!


Having our Manager of Prevention Programs, Ariella, back in the office and feeling better! 


The Senate voting down the 20-week abortion ban bill, preserving the rights of women once again.


Getting the reservation I wanted for my anniversary dinner! 


After an A- pup ate our remote, they gave us two free replacements--one for us, and one for her.


 Celebrating the birthday of our VP of Programs & New Initiatives, Deborah! 


Receiving the delivery of our beautiful mantra bands for the Young Women's Leadership Network. WE THE WOMEN! 


Getting inspiration from Judge Rosemarie Aquilina's fierce, empowering, and affirming support of survivors.


Joining a fitness challenge at my gym!


Making a new friend this past weekend who happens to be a member of the Young Women's Leadership Network!


Seeing an outpouring of support on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade for a woman's right to choose. 


On a high after meeting so many amazing women at Sixth and I's EmpowHERed event! 


One year later, marching again in solidarity! 


Revisiting photos from last year's Women's March, and remembering how empowering and special the day was. 


Feeling thankful to have Jewish women like Representative Jacky Rosen in Congress, and taking away so many lessons from her briefing with the Young Women's Leadership Network today. 


Ahh, the feeling of checking everything off of a to-do list!  


Still on a high from volunteering with yesterday's Day of Service! 


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Taking solace in this quote today, and doing our best to bring love and light into the world. 


Another random act of kindness: on a day with wind chill below zero, being able to offer a coat and gloves to a homeless woman on the street. 


Attending Sixth and I's MLK Shabbat, where they partner with Turner Memorial AME Church for an evening spent talking about social justice and celebrating Shabbat with song and prayer. 


A group trip downstairs to our favorite cafe, the Green Bee, for breakfast this morning! Their breakfast potatoes are a fan favorite.


Self-care in the form of skipping plans in favor of a pedicure and Netflix sesh.


Today, we're glad to have been able to participate in a random act of kindness by giving $10 to a stranger so she could complete her purchase at Trader Joe's!


Sending good vibes out into the world with the help of these Trauma, Self Care, and Community Care resources from Project LETS. 


Back in the office on Monday to find daffodils blooming on our windowsill! 


Feeling empowered by the sea of black at the Golden Globes this year. Amazing to see women and men standing up against sexual harassment and inequality. 


A major cooking victory: after swearing off using Crock Pots because of a failed roast, Debbie gave it another go this weekend, and successfully made black-eyed peas (just like her husband's grandmother used to make). 


Celebrating Shabbat with good friends, food, and a few bottles of wine makes battling the bitter cold in DC totally worth it! 


Leaning in to the two-hour delay caused by #BombCyclone with an extra cup of coffee. 


Our Creative Director, Danielle, is back from maternity leave and we're celebrating with a belated holiday party!


The women who came together to create the Time's Up movement have already inspired us with their thoughtful, inclusive work, and we can't wait to participate and see them succeed. 


2017 is over, and we're thrilled to have a fresh start in 2018, with a continued sense of purpose to create parity for women. 


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