ZBT Student Flower Project Cards

ZBT Student Flower Project Cards


ZBT Brothers: Honor the ones you love with Mother's Day cards that help abuse victims rebuild their lives!

Proceeds from each card help JWI send flowers and financial literacy resources to domestic violence shelters every year on Mother’s Day, and fund JWI projects that empower women and girls to break the cycle of abuse.

Please select one card at a time; your complete order will be processed at checkout.

Select the type of card you want to send - the quantity should be 1 - then click "add card" and fill in the information for your first honoree. Then click the button at the end of the form to add the card to your cart. If you'd like to send additional cards, repeat the same process. When you're finished ordering, click the shopping cart to check out.

Paper cards must be ordered by May 4th for the best chance at on-time delivery. E-cards will be sent on Mother's Day.

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