Dear President Obama and Vice President Biden,

On behalf of Jewish Women International, our members, supporters, and partners, we thank you for eight years of dedicated service to our country.

From the President’s first official bill signing in January 2009 – the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – this administration has consistently made progress for women and girls a top priority. As an organization working to end violence against women, build female leadership and financial security, and promote the freedoms and achievement of women, JWI has seen firsthand the enormous difference the administration has made in our collective effort to build a better world for women and girls.

By creating the first-ever White House Council on Women Girls, President Obama recognized the enormous importance of gender equality to our nation’s future, and ensured that women’s voices and stories would be heard and considered in policymaking. Throughout, Vice President Biden’s long-standing commitment to victims and survivors of gender-based violence has ensured that this issue remained at the forefront of policy priorities and spurred significant progress in preventing abuse and supporting survivors.

We are truly grateful for the administration’s continued dedication to advocacy for women, girls, and families.

In 2014, the innovative White House Summit on Working Families recognized the unique needs of families caring for children and other dependents, and spurred a national conversation about the changing landscape of work and family today. With an increasing share of mothers in the workplace as essential breadwinners for their families, fostering women’s professional achievement and economic security is more essential than ever.

That same year, the innovative It’s On Us campaign brought the issue of campus sexual assault into the mainstream and helped lift up the voices of survivors. The creation of the Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and increased transparency regarding Title IX investigations of universities shined a light on the enormous impact that sexual violence has on students’ educational attainment. A national conversation about campus sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape culture continues today, and countless survivors have shared their stories with a public that is finally listening. 

In 2016, the President’s executive actions to reduce gun violence addressed the dangerous intersection of guns and domestic violence, protecting more survivors from violent abusers with firearms.

Finally, the United State of Women brought together thousands of advocates and thought leaders to tackle the key issues facing women today, and gave new energy to our collective efforts to continue fostering environments where women and girls can succeed, lead, and thrive.   

We encourage the new administration to continue your legacy of leadership by retaining the post of Advisor on Violence Against Women within the White House and ensuring that the welfare of women and girls remains a top priority.

Together we have made great strides, and we look forward to a brighter future for our country and our world. On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank you.  


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Outside the Oval Office,  President Barack Obama fist-bumps Vice President Joe Biden as Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett looks on.

Outside the Oval Office, President Barack Obama fist-bumps Vice President Joe Biden as Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett looks on.

Listen to a recording of our Domestic Violence Awareness Month conference call with White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, where we discussed the Obama Administration's work to end violence against women.