June 2016 to June 2018


June 1, 2016


  • Working with a dynamic group of young Jewish women
  • Access to JWI national board members and executive staff
  • Serving as ambassadors for the mission and values of JWI
  • Invitations to special briefings and events with members of Congress
  • Opportunity to serve on JWI leadership teams
  • Help create a national movement


Board members participate in bi-monthly meetings and attend two day-long retreats over the course of the year. Members help market the network through outreach to their personal and professional networks, help open doors, plan programs, identify speakers etc. Board members are encouraged to attend as many board meetings as possible in order to foster relationships with other board members and ensure the network is running smoothly and efficiently. To that end, board members are expected to attend the programs and invite their friends and colleagues. Each member of the board is asked to chair at least one YWLN program per year, and help with three events. Finally there is a financial commitment for each board member of  $100 (give or get). (Board terms are subject to change as the new board reaches consensus on board responsibilities as the new term begins.)

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Email Sasha Altschuler or call (202) 464-4802.

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