JWI’s newest Network launches June 13th! 

Stay tuned for more information.

Launch Event Committee: 


Rachel Barton

Ely Benhamo

Rachael Greenberg 

Aya Kantorovich 

Dalia Katan

Jenna Kress 

Ali Tradonsky

Meital Rosenberg


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Apply here to join the San Francisco Network board!


  • Each board member will serve a full year plus one month for transitions, and then have the option to reapply. Board members will be selected by JWI staff.

  • Each board member will be responsible for chairing at least two events per year.

  • Each board member will be responsible for outreach and should bring at least two people to each event.

  • We frequently email to brainstorm, discuss events, organize, and discuss outreach, etc. Each board member must be comfortable with maintaining input on these chains as they are the main form of communication.

  • Board members are to attend at least 75% of all board events throughout the year.

  • The board will meet once a month - each board member is expected to attend unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

  • Each board member will pay a $180 fee in order to be on the YWLN board (Sustainer membership).

  • Each board member must be a member of JWI's YWLN and in good standing for the entirety of her term.