“As long as we silence violence victims with our fears that their disclosures will be uncomfortable, divisive, and embarrassing, we cannot realistically expect them to seek help and support from the Jewish community.”


Sh’ma Kolenu – Prayer for Victims of Domestic Abuse
Yom Kippur Prayer for Shalom Bayit
Sukkot Prayer for Shalom Bayit
Shelter Me
Dedication for Cup of Wine at Passover Seder
Misheberach on behalf of families experiencing abuse


Shabbat Noah by Rabbi Rachel Ain
Parashat Bo by Rav Sean Gorman
Parashat Tazria-Metzora by Rabbi Rachel Ain
Parashat Kedoshim by Rabbi David Rose
Hanukah by Rav Sean Gorman
Parashat Vayeitzei by Rabbi Nicole Roberts



Download our most recent webinars, "Addressing Trauma in Your Jewish Community" and (accompanying PowerPoint) and "Teen Dating Abuse."

Text Studies

Healthy Relationships and Domestic Abuse by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
Safe Synagogues by Rabbi David M. Rosenberg

Reaching Out

Newsletter article by Rabbi Rachel Ain

"Embracing Justice" Clergy Guide

To learn more about domestic abuse and your role as clergy, download "Embracing Justice: A Guide for Jewish Clergy on Domestic Abuse."


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