“As long as we silence violence victims with our fears that their disclosures will be uncomfortable, divisive, and embarrassing, we cannot realistically expect them to seek help and support from the Jewish community.”


Educational Webinars and Articles

JWI’s Clergy Task Force presented a three-part series of free webinars for rabbis and cantors, addressing sexual harassment within synagogues:

The Elephant in the Room: Sexual Harassment in Synagogues

Recording / Slides / Resources

Creating the Community We Want to Have: Barriers and Opportunities

Recording / Slides / Exercise for Organizational Leadership

Shifting the Culture: Policies and Practices to Create Safe Spaces

Video Recording / Slides / Resources

Download Addressing Trauma in Your Jewish Community and accompanying PowerPoint.

Sliver of the Full Moon: Where the Law Fails to Protect Abuse Victims (2019, LEX, The Magazine of Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law)

Shattering the Sounds of Silence at Rosh Hashanah (September 28, 2019, The Times of Israel)

"Embracing Justice" Clergy Guide

To learn more about domestic abuse and your role as clergy, download "Embracing Justice: A Guide for Jewish Clergy on Domestic Abuse."

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