Joan Margolius Cherner (1943-2017)

The Joan Margolius Cherner Mother’s Day Fund was established by Philip and Alan Margolius and Jennifer Margolius Fisher in memory of their beloved sister and aunt. Donations to the fund support JWI’s Flower Project, to remember women living with their children in domestic violence shelters on Mother’s Day. Joanie’s Fund allows JWI to expand the Flower Project to include Mother’s Day flowers, gifts, and volunteer opportunities, as well as needed financial literacy educational materials, to more than 200 shelters across the United States. The Fund is a fitting tribute to a woman who brought love and joy into the lives of so many.

Joan Margolius grew up in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Lilyan and Bernard Margolius. She was adored by her brothers Philip and Alan and the friends who filled their home off of 16th Street in Shepherd Park. Joan was a member of Calvin Coolidge High School cheerleading squad and an active member in her high school sororities. She attended the University of Maryland, where she met her first husband, Stanley Karlin.

Joanie is remembered by friends and family as a beautiful, stylish, fun-loving, and hard-working woman. She had a warm, loving nature that drew in everyone who met her. Her older brother Phil describes her “reflective light”—if you were okay, she’d luxuriate in your success. If you needed her, she’d be there. She loved her family – her children, grandchildren, brothers, nieces, and nephews. And she was surrounded by a great circle of friends throughout her life. The Joan Margolius Cherner Mother’s Day Fund honors her memory by bringing flowers and love to women who so desperately need to feel love on a day that is especially challenging for them.

Joan Margolius Cherner is survived by her husband of more than 30 years, Gerald (Jerry) Cherner, sons Billy (Toni) and Michael (Ann) Karlin; bothers Philip (the late Phyllis) and Alan (Denese) Margolius; stepchildren Norman Cherner, Beth Lamb, and the late Jeffrey Cherner; grandchildren Jacob, Nicole, Benjamin, Rose and Dov; and loving nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, and friends.


100% of donations to the Joan Margolius Cherner Mother's Day Fund support JWI’s Flower Project. The Fund enhances and grows the project, allowing JWI to send flowers and financial literacy resources to domestic violence shelters nationwide on Mother's Day. Additionally, with this funding, JWI can host Mother’s Day parties and let children create cards and gifts for their mothers in the shelters. Launched in 1998 to remember those who are tragically forgotten on Mother’s Day, JWI’s Flower Project is grateful to the family of Joan Margolius Cherner for dedicating the legacy of their beloved mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt to this important initiative.