Lack of oversight for gun sales, lack of humanity at the border, lack of income for women: Your civic action to-do list for 8-26-19

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3. 9,656 people have died so far this year from gun violence, and we still have four more months to go! Our government must act to protect us

In a nutshell: Universal background checks serve to protect us all and every prospective gun owner should have to go through a process to determine if they are legally able to have a firearm. Earlier this month the president and leader of the Senate indicated support for background checks, but after hearing from the NRA seem to have back tracked. Refusing to pass this law because an interest group lobbies against it is reprehensible.

Take Action: Call your senators and tell them to support the Background Check Expansion Act (S. 42)!

2. Indefinite detention is inhumane. No one should be detained indefinitely, and yet the administration proposed a rule last week that would confine immigrant families to detention facilities, even children and those seeking asylum!

In a nutshell: Last week the administration recommended a policy that would allow the indefinite detention of migrant families who cross the border seeking asylum and protection in our country. One way to circumvent this rule is for Congress to pass the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act that would prevent children and survivors of domestic and sexual violence from being detained (with some limited exceptions).

Take Action: Call your senators and representative and tell them to co-sponsor S. 1243/H.R. 2415 to make sure that mandatory detention is stopped, primary caregivers and asylum seekers are protected, and immigrants are treated with dignity and basic human rights.

1. In 2019 it should go without saying that women deserve equal pay for equal work, yet we all know that women earn far less than white men. White women earn 77 cents, Black women earn 61 cents, Native Women earn 58 cents, and Latinas earn 53 cents for every dollar non-Hispanic men earn.

In a nutshell: Last Thursday we recognized Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, to acknowledge that it has taken black women 21 months (over a year and a half) to earn the equivalent of what men earned in 2018. The Senate must vote on The Paycheck Fairness Act, which already passed the House, to guarantee pay equity.

Take Action: Call your senators and tell them to co-sponsor S. 270!