Three Ways to Reimagine Your Seder Table-Scape

by Julia Rebecca and Jamie Rose

Julia Rebecca and Jamie Rose are childhood friends who met during their religious school years at Temple Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon. Both now live in Los Angeles and have reconnected over their love of interior design, décor, food and art. After commiserating about how difficult it was to incorporate Jewish meaning into their homes that was both personal and stylish, they decided to create Rebecca and Rose, a blog celebrating beautiful Jewish living through decor, food, art and more.

Nothing is more central to the Passover experience than sitting down at the Seder table with family and friends to retell the story of the Exodus and enjoy traditional foods. When you create a gorgeous tablescape through your choice of flowers, dishes, centerpieces and Seder plate, you help make the evening memorable for everyone, including your children. You also practice one of our favorite customs: Hiddur mitzvah, the beautification of a mitzvah. If you need some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite themes:


If you prefer a less formal setting, going rustic can provide an attractive dining experience, without all the fussiness.

Dishware: One of the beauties of the rustic theme is that it doesn’t require you to have access to fine china. We recommend using simple white or earth-toned dishes.

Seder Plate: Similarly, this is a great opportunity to use a simple, ceramic Seder plate, such as Isabel Halley's Seder Plate. If you’re a DIY type, consider making your own chalkboard Seder plate.

Flowers and Greens: Play up Passover’s herb focus by using an abundance of greens in your centerpieces with single color flowers in glass jars or white vases. Place a sprig of rosemary or another green on each guest’s plate to liven the table.

Place cards: Ensure your guests sit down in their proper place by providing earthy place cards on recycled card stock.


If you love to juxtapose ancient traditions with modern decor, then a contemporary Seder table may be the one for you.

Dishware: Forgo your grandmother’s fine china for a set of dishes made in present day. One possibility is rectangular dishes in porcelain or glass available from a  variety of online sources. 

Seder Plate: Consider a simple and clean Seder plate, like this one from Nambé.

Flowers and greens: Play up Passover’s many shapes (square matzah and round matzah balls), by using a rectangular shaped vase for your floral centerpiece.

Place cards: Create place cards using card stock that is the same color as your centerpiece flowers for a cohesive and clean look.

Nambé  Wave Seder Plate

Nambé Wave Seder Plate


With Passover coming the latter part of April, spring is in full swing. Play with a springtime color palette and flowers for a very pretty Seder dinner.

Dishware: Spring is the perfect time to put your fine china to work. Even better if your china has a floral pattern.

Seder Plate: Any traditional Seder plate will work well in this motif. If you don’t have a Seder plate, consider assembling your own. Placing small bowls filled with the ritual foods on a pretty tray.

Flowers: Choose one of your favorite springtime flowers (ours is tulips) in a variety of the season’s colors (yellow, pink, white, whatever suits you!).

Place cards: Follow these easy DIY directions for pretty water-colored place cards that are as easy as they are perfect for your spring-themed Seder table.