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Nearly one in five undergraduate women will experience attempted or completed sexual assault before graduation, and more than one in five college women report physical abuse, sexual abuse or threats of physical violence in college. JWI has partnered with SDT sorority and ZBT fraternity to offer the first national program on dating abuse and sexual assault for the Greek community on college campuses.

Through a series of discussions, scenarios, news stories, live text surveys and video, this co-ed program helps young people define and identify dating abuse and sexual assault as well as build skills to be active bystanders at school and in their communities. This program is secular, LGBT-friendly and engages men as allies.

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Everyone’s talking about bystander intervention, but no one is really, honestly talking about why things are the way they are. Why do girls have to protect their drinks? Why do some guys think it's okay to have sex with girls who are unconscious? And why do we think it’s acceptable for a guy to hook up with a lot of girls, but judge girls for doing the same?

Green Light: Go! is a joint project of ZBT fraternity and JWI – a campaign to raise awareness; change attitudes; and ignite a conversation on college campuses that can really make a difference.

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Girls who are empowered to realize their full potential grow into strong women – women who are far less likely to become victims of relationship abuse. So JWI has partnered with SDT sorority to create Girls Achieve Grapeness! – a campaign empowering the next generation to break the cycle of violence against women.

It began with a custom shade of OPI nail polish created to support JWI programs that help girls and young women become and remain safe and independent. Each year, we debut a new shade of Girls Achieve Grapeness! polish.

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"Get Smart" educates teens in the Orthodox community about the importance of prenuptial agreements in which a husband promises to grant a get (Jewish divorce) in the event the marriage should end. Get abuse is an insidious form of abuse that can leave a divorced Jewish woman unable to move on with her life and marry again.

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D.C. INTERNS AND YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: Don't miss JWI's Summer Series of breakfast roundtables!

Join us in summer 2019 to discuss current issues unique to young women, and ways you can get involved and make a difference.