Single women comprise America's most influential voting bloc. Learn what JWI is doing to encourage every woman to use her voice in the voting booth this November. 

by Lauren Landau

The fear of being told she “runs like a girl” might make young women sit out a race in gym class, but JWI is using it as a rallying cry for an initiative to get out the vote and educate young women on critical issues during the upcoming election. Vote Like A Girl (Your Rights Depend On It!) combines several efforts to encourage women to participate in the electoral process.

Launched on the heels of the White House United State of Women Summit, #VoteLikeAGirl is a non-partisan project that offers online tools to help engage young voters. Visitors to JWI’s website can access an interactive map that allows them to click on their state to access information about voter and absentee ballot registration. They’ll also be directed to the proper website where they can get it done.

In addition to making sure everyone registers to vote, JWI is committed to providing a variety of reasons why women should care. The JW magazine website features interviews with dynamic women involved in all aspects of politics – politicians, campaign staffers and volunteers, professors, and journalists – who profess a range of political views. (These interviews, along with the rest of JWI's #VoteLikeAGirl materials, are also accessible through jwi.org/vote.)

Any woman who has spoken out, written about the political process, accepted the mantle of leadership, spread the word, rallied, knocked on door after door or stuffed envelopes has something to say, and JWI wants the public to learn about her and why she votes, whatever her political views may be.

As a nonprofit organization, JWI doesn’t push voters in one direction or another. However, with the understanding that Americans hold a number of diverse views on political topics, there are a few issues that JWI suggests voters consider. The local, state, and federal elections of November 2016 will impact critical rights for women, issues such as gun violence, equal pay, reproductive health, domestic abuse, sexual violence and paid family leave.

In the spirit of inclusivity, JWI is also inviting women of all ages to share their most memorable moments as a voter. Whether it was her first time voting, an election she found herself deeply invested in, or a time she felt she truly made a difference, these women’s stories are valuable and inspiring.

By pledging to #VoteLikeAGirl this November, voters promise to fight for whatever vision of the future they believe in. Through conversations, social media, word of mouth and visual messaging, such as the brightly colored #VoteLikeAGirl laptop stickers that JWI is offering in exchange for a $5 donation, women can proclaim that they’re informed, engaged, and ready for action.


Attendees at the White House United State of Women Summit show their support for JWI.; and a member of JWI's Young Women's Leadership Network in New York plans to Vote Like a Girl.

Lauren Landau is communications manager at JWI.