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WEBINAR: Understanding and Practicing Cultural Competence and Intersectionality

This webinar will focus on strategies for understanding and practicing intersectionality and cultural competence from the individual to organizational level. The presentation will explore how best to recognize the diversity of victims and survivors and respond effectively to different needs in a domestic violence service setting.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize how cultural competency and understanding intersectionality can help practitioners better serve victims and survivors
  • Identify strategies for cultural competency from the individual to organizational level
  • Consider assessment issues with individual clients


National Alliance annual members: free
Non-members: $25

Fran S. Danis, Ph.D. is an independent consultant conducting research and evaluation for gender justice.  She is the Co-Editor with Lettie Lockhart of:  Domestic Violence: Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice (Columbia University Press, 2010). Dr. Danis founded Denton County Friends of the Family, Inc. a domestic violence shelter and rape crisis program (1980) and served as the Board Chair of the Texas Council on Family Violence (1982-87).  She has conducted research on resiliency of abuse survivors and adult daughters, statewide systems of care for sexual assault survivors, and the self-efficacy of social workers to provide services to domestic violence survivors.  She has served on the NASW National Committee on Women’s Issues and the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Commission on the Role and Status of Women. With Dr. Lockhart she founded the CSWE symposium on Violence Against Women and Their Children. She has taught courses in non-profit management, program evaluation, cultural diversity, and intimate partner violence at the University of Texas at Austin, University of Missouri, University of Texas at Arlington and the College of Staten Island. She has a BA and MSW from Stony Brook University and a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. 

Lettie L. Lockhart, Ph.D., LCSW is a professor in the School of Social Work and former Director of the SSW Training Project at the University of Georgia. She has been researching, teaching, and practicing in the area of domestic violence for more than 30 years. She has been a pioneer in the empirical investigation of violence in intimate personal relationships with a focus on cultural and environmental factors. She has researched and taught courses/content on domestic violence with particular attention on race, class, gender, and sexual orientations. She was one of the major community players in the development of Athens' first Domestic Violence (Project SAFE) shelter and hotline. She has served on Boards of Directors of Domestic Violence Programs, national panels addressing domestic violence and has been a juried reviewer for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA. She has been an advocate for domestic violence curriculum integration with the CSWE and an advocate for policy and funding initiatives at the national, state, and local levels to address this major social issue. She is a co-editor with Fran Danis Breaking the Silence in Social Work Education: Domestic Violence Modules for Foundation Courses published by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).   Drs. Lockhart and Danis (2010) are co-editors of Domestic Violence: Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice (A Foundation of Social Work Knowledge Series).  New York: Columbia University Press.  Together Drs. Lockhart and Danis founded the CSWE Violence against Women and their Children Annual Symposium. She is currently a Consultant with the National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC), a Program of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.