3-2-1: Fight against domestic violence, immigration policies, and healthcare attacks.


3 Support Efforts for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Help us shed light on economic abuse by supporting JWI through the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse ChallengeNew data shows a clear link between poverty, domestic violence, and social inequality. Your support helps us raise awareness and funds for programming that combats domestic violence and financial abuse

JWI creates financial literacy resources for women and families in domestic violence shelters throughout the country. Donate today and help us win an additional $10,000 in the challenge.


2 Undocumented Youth Held Hostage

Learn more about the impact of recent immigration policies on survivors of domestic and sexual violence by watching our panel discussion hosted by JWI’s Interfaith Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence via Facebook live tomorrow at 10 am EST and follow #FaithSupportsSurvivors on Twitter throughout the month.


1 Further Weakening of Healthcare System

Last week, President Trump signed two executive orders intended to dismantle our healthcare system, denying millions of Americans affordable access to comprehensive healthcare coverage. The first allows insurers to provide plans that gut essential health benefits like maternity care and substance abuse. The second order will result in a drastic increase in premiums for individuals and families. Call your Senators now to stand up against attacks on our country's health.


And for you...  

Women and men have come together using #MeToo on Twitter and Facebook, raising awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment. The importance of this campaign is to acknowledge and validate these stories without questioning experiences or victim blaming. For those who have posted and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, we support and stand with you in this fight.

Danielle Cantor