3-2-1: Sexual Harassment, Dreamers, ACA Enrollment


3 Send Us Your Company's Sexual Harassment Policy


Recent sexual harassment scandals are shining a light on a problem that is all too common in our culture. At least twenty-five percent of all women report having experienced workplace sexual harassment. In Congress, forty percent of female staffers say that sexual harassment is a problem and sixteen percent of female staffers report being sexually harassed. With no mandatory requirement for sexual harassment training for elected officials and their staffers, aides report hostile work environments and a fear of retaliation. Congresswomen Jackie Speier (D-CA) and Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) are introducing a bill requiring sexual harassment training, an important first step in educating all employees on appropriate conduct and reporting requirements.

This week, contact your human resources department to read the sexual harassment policies and procedures and email JWI a copy!

2 Participate in the National Faith Week of Action to Support Dreamers

This week is the National Faith Week of Action, supporting the 800,000 immigrant youth who are in danger of being deported from the country they have grown up in, attend school and college in, and work in.

There are three ways to support the Dreamers this week. First, you can advocate for a pathway to citizenship by using the #Faith4Dream on social media. You can also ask your Senators and Representative to pass the Dream Act of 2017 (S.1615 and H.R. 3440) by calling 1-866-940-2439. Lastly, you can incorporate stories of immigration into a Dream Sabbath dinner this week to broaden the discussion of immigrant rights and the moral consequences of deporting these young people.  

1 Help Publicize ACA Enrollment Dates

Open enrollment for the ACA begins on November 1st! The budget for publicizing the enrollment period for the ACA was slashed, so share the image above widely on social media (you can repost from the JWI page as well) to ensure as many Americans as possible have health care!

And for you...  

Hear from feminist leaders on how to end sexual harassment: Nicolos Kristoff interviewedGloria Steinem, Ashely Judd, and Cheryl Sandberg on sexual harassment last week.

Bonus: Check out some great feminist baby Halloween costumes. Starting 'em young!

Danielle Cantor