3-2-1: Fighting for gun legislation, against sexual harassment, and for veterans.

3 Sign our petition to encourage gun legislation

The deadly connection between domestic violence and gun violence has been overlooked by our elected officials for far too long. Nearly 4.5 million American women report they have been threatened by an intimate partner with a gun and another 1 million women have been shot at in a domestic violence dispute. Research also shows that over half of mass shootings are related to domestic or family violence situations.

It is time for our elected officials to look at the facts and take action to protect all Americans from gun violence – sign our petition to tell Congress enough is enough!

2 Advocate for sexual harassment policies and training

No workplace is immune from the injustice of sexual harassment. Last week, the Senate took a step forward by unanimously passing a resolution mandating sexual harassment training for all Senators and staff. This important first step works towards creating an environment in which individuals can feel safe at work. 

Ask your human resources department if your workplace mandates training and has specific sexual harassment policies – if they do, please send your policy to JWI. We're collecting policies from organizations around the country to learn more about what gaps are common in workplaces, and how we can help. If your workplace doesn't have a policy, advocate for one in your workplace!

1 Protect the women who protect our country

Today, there are more women in the military than ever before. We must hold the military accountable as gender discrimination persists. Sexual assault in the military remains extensive with nearly sixty percent of victims experiencing reprisals or retaliation for reporting their assault. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) are leaders on this issue, sponsoring two bipartisan pieces of legislation that work to hold perpetrators accountable and support survivors.

Call your Senators and tell them that honoring our service members means protecting women in the military.

And for you...  

2017 has had its setbacks, but here's a reminder of the ways this year has been great for women.

Danielle Cantor