Civic action to-do list for 9-3-18


3. VAWA: What's in and what's next

It is imperative that policymakers reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act before it expires on September 30th. The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 6545) has been introduced in the House and includes new critical protections for victims of gender-based violence. This bill strengthens housing protections, ensures that abusers can’t access firearms, ends impunity for non-Native offenders of sexual assault on Tribal land, and increases funding for rape prevention education. To learn more about the key enhancements and the strategies to make sure VAWA is reauthorized with new vital protections, register for “VAWA Reauthorization Webinar: What’s in it, and what happens next” on September 12th at 2PM.

2. Gaslighting

No woman should be intentionally disrespected and emotionally manipulated by their partner, and in the era of #MeToo it’s especially important to acknowledge and call out unhealthy relationship behavior. While there are many behaviors that can be destructive, gaslighting is particularly pernicious because it involves the use of power and control to emotionally manipulate. Click here to learn more about gaslighting and the importance of being an active bystander when you see someone being dismissed or devalued. 

1. #StopKavanaugh

The next Supreme Court Justice should respect the rights of all Americans and safeguard the fundamental principles of religious freedom enshrined in our Constitution. Unfortunately, Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions on firearms, reproductive rights, healthcare, and privacy foreshadow a jurist who could restrict our rights and freedoms for generations. On Tuesday the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Call 866-426-2531 on Tuesday to demand your Senators take action to #StopKavanaugh!


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