Clergy Condemn Assault on Colorado Planned Parenthood Center

December 3, 2015
CONTACT: Deborah Rosenbloom, VP of Programming at JWI
Direct: 202.464.4816

The recent violent assault on a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado is a cause for concern among all people of goodwill, regardless of political or religious affiliation. The staff members and clients who were killed or injured are spouses, parents, siblings, children. Their families are left to mourn, to try and recuperate and to heal, and to come to terms with the sudden violence that has changed their lives forever. As members of the clergy, we extend our condolences for those killed and our prayers for healing for those injured. 

As members of the clergy we  express our strong support for the work of Planned Parenthood and our solidarity with the professionals and volunteers who provide a wide range of medical and related services for women, children and families. We condemn the targeting of Planned Parenthood in current political discourse. We oppose the misleading and especially the untruthful accusations made against Planned Parenthood. 

Regardless of one’s personal political persuasion, we are called on to be speakers of truth. Regardless of one’s ethical convictions, we are responsible for maintaining a civil as well as lawful level of debate and dissent. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, we are obligated to recognize that others with equally fervent religious beliefs, or with none, are entitled to safety in making difficult choices that have been legally guaranteed to them.

Rabbi Marla Hornsten and Rabbi Ari Lorge
Co-Chairs, Clergy Task Force to End Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community