Easy access to guns (no), armed educators (no), and paid sick leave (yes): Civic action to-do list for 3-12-18

Now, more than ever before, we need you, our grassroots activists, to join us in advocating for lifesaving legislation.  Click here  to learn how you can deepen your engagement in our critical work.

3. Congress Must Act!

We need action at the federal level to save lives from gun violence. This weekend  the Administration expressed support for a variety of policies, only some of which will be helpful in reducing gun violence. We support FixNICS, a bill that enforces existing laws mandating domestic violence records are uploaded to the national database, and Extreme Risk Protective Orders (ERPO) that allow for the removal of firearms from individuals deemed at risk of harming themselves or others. But we do not support arming teachers! The administration’s recommendation also does not go far enough - it does not increase the age at which someone can purchase a rifle, ban assault weapons, or mandate universal background checks for every gun purchase. Call your  Senators today and tell them to bring FixNICS to the floor for a vote as a first step in reducing gun violence.

2. Progress in the States

We all deserve to live in a world free from gun violence, and real progress is being made at the state level. Just last week, Florida raised the age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21, mandated a three day waiting period for all gun purchases, and banned bump stocks. In  Oregon  a new law closes the ‘boyfriend loophole’ barring people convicted of dating violence and stalking from purchasing and possessing firearms – a loophole in federal law that still exists in most states. There is still a lot more to do!  Find out if your state legislature is still in session and call your state senator or representative and demand they pass gun violence prevention legislation.

1. Economic Security

Paid sick leave is essential to promote economic security, allowing workers to take time off for to care for themselves or a family member. Forty jurisdictions have laws mandating paid sick leave, but members of Congress are trying to override it through the Workflex in the 21 st  Century Act  (H.R. 4219). Use the hashtag #ProtectSickDays on social media Wednesday to stand up for paid sick days!