Justice for gun violence victims, missing Native American women, and sexual assault survivors: Civic action to-do list for 11-26-18

3. Curbing Gun Violence is a Life-Saving Priority for Next Congress

The 116th session of Congress begins on January 3rd, and among the highest priorities is curbing gun violence. Congress must pass legislation to stem the epidemic of gun violence in our country. Especially heartbreaking is the fact that half of all mass shootings involve shooters killing their intimate partners or other family members. Just last week a pharmacy resident, police officer, and emergency physician were murdered at a hospital in Chicago because the physician had broken off an engagement with the shooter. This must stop. Tell your elected officials to pass gun violence prevention measures ASAP!

2. Increasing Numbers of Missing and Murdered Native American Women 

In 2016 alone 5,712 native women and girls were reported missing. Despite this crisis, there has been little media attention or political action. Senators Heitkamp (D–MN) and Murkowski (R-AK) are taking action by co-sponsoring the Savanna’s Act, a bill that would increase and improve data collection and reporting of missing and murdered indigenous women. Call your Senators and tell them to support this bipartisan bill, S. 1942!

1. All Survivors Deserve the Justice that Collecting Proper Evidence Provides

All survivors of sexual assault should have access to forensic nursing exams that can be used to collect evidence and prosecute their rapists. More trained providers are desperately needed in Indian country and rural America to make sure that these violent offenders are held accountable. Continued funding, technical assistance, and training efforts are essential to make sure all survivors get the services they need. Call your state and federal elected officials and tell them to keep funding these critical services!

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