Lack of paid leave, dangerous asylum policies, and healthcare lies of omission: Civic action to-do list for 7-16-18

3. Inclusive Paid Leave

Universal paid leave is an integral component in the fight for gender equality, but the United States is the only country in the developed world that does not offer paid leave. It is time for the Administration and Congress to support new parents and families. Last week the Senate held a hearing to debate two different paidleave policies – 1) the FAMILY Act would provide 12 weeks of partially-paid leave (66% of monthly wages) to all new parents and people with serious personal or family health issues and 2) the conservative approach would only benefit new parents and be paid for out of an individual’s Social Security. Call your member of Congress today and tell them to co-sponsor the FAMILY Act , no worker should be asked to jeopardize their retirement benefits to care for a new child or loved one!

2. Implementing A Dangerous Asylum Policy

Survivors seeking asylum, fleeing violence and persecution, should not be re-victimized upon entering the United States – yet that is exactly what the Administration’s new asylum policy guidelines are doing. Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued perilous new guidance to U.S. Customs and Border agents – they must immediately reject refugees seeking asylum based on claims of gang or domestic violence. Data from Tahirih Justice Center shows that38% of all asylum seekers they serve suffer from gender-based violence. It is abhorrent to send these survivors back home to dangerous situations with no hearing or court date. Use this action alert email application to write your member of Congress today and urge them to defend protections for domestic violence survivors. 

1. Forcing Clinics to Lie to Women

All women deserve complete information when making healthcare decisions, but the Administration is restricting this access to information in a new proposed rule released by the Department of Health and Human Services. A domestic “gag” rule would force health clinics to decide between providing lifesaving preventative care such as cancer screenings and providing accurate information about all pregnancy options. This proposed rule is yet another attack on women’s reproductive health. Submit a comment to the Administration by July 31 st to oppose this proposed rule! (Usethis template comment to get you started.)