LET'S GET TO WORK: Activist to-do list for 2-13-17

3. Nomination we're watching: Andrew Puzder

The nominee for Secretary of Labor has a long record of opposing worker protections, from minimum wage to paid sick days. Puzder will not work to prevent and address sexual harassment, promote the safety of domestic and sexual violence survivors in the workplace, or support the economic security of working women. Call your senator and urge him or her to vote no on Puzder confirmation!

2. Thank your reps!

You reach out to your senators and representatives when they're weighing a crucial vote (or have done something to let you down). But they also deserve a pat on the back when they've made you proud! Download these postcards, print on Avery 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" postcards, and send to the representatives and senators who do right by their constituents. 

1. Protest with your wallet

Support businesses that reflect your values - like paid family leave, fair wages, workplace safety for survivors of domestic violence... All the things Andrew Puzder doesn't care about. (See item #3 above!)

And for you...

Laughter is the best medicine! Watch the three best clips from the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live for your well-deserved dose.