LET'S GET TO WORK: Civic action to-do list for 2-27-17

3. Keep Asking, Keep Talking!

Over the congressional recess last week, hundreds of representatives and senators cancelled planned town hall meetings and public events – because they don’t want to answer important questions about where we’re headed on Title IX, reproductive choice, gun violence, and violence against women programs. What does this mean? It means your voice makes the difference, but you must not stop! Download the 5 Calls app today. If you have five minutes, you can make 5 calls. Calling works.

2. Participate in A Day Without a Woman

On International Women's Day, March 8th, women and their allies will recognize women's value - along with the lower wages, greater inequities, discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity they face every day. Here's how you can join A Day Without a Woman: Shop ONLY at women-owned businesses for the day; and wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without a Woman. Tell us how YOU plan to give women the support and parity they deserve. We'll tweet your responses on March 8th. 

1. De-Politicize the Bathroom

Last Wednesday, President Trump rescinded legal protections for transgender students that guaranteed access to bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. What can you do? First, read up on the importance of Title IX – a federal law that bans sex discrimination in education – and a personal perspective on what’s at stake for trans students. Then contact your alma mater and your local school district to find out where they stand, and encourage an inclusive position. (Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma are setting great examples.)

And for you...

Feeling stressed? Here are some apps that can relieve tension - from coloring (for adults) to meditation to... a long list of digital anti-anxiety tools.