LET'S GET TO WORK: Civic action to-do list for 7-24-17

3. Speak Up One More Time for Healthcare! 

Healthcare premiums will double and twenty-six million people will lose their health insurance if Obamacare is repealed without a replacement. Tomorrow the Senate is having its deciding vote on the repeal of Obamacare (the groundbreaking legislation that provided healthcare to millions of Americans).  Call, email, andtweet at your Senators to tell them to vote NO on the repeal of Obamacare! 

2. Safeguard Funding for Proven Programs! 

The Health and Human Services budget currently includesdamaging language that greatly limits women’s access to health care -- eliminating funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program, providing $20 million for ineffective abstinence-only education programs, and canceling the funding for the Title X Family Planning program. Contact your member of Congress to tell them we need these programs and to vote NO on the Labor-HHS Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2018. 

1. Protect Immigrant Survivors of Abuse! 

The Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill heavily increases funding for DHS, harming immigrant victims and their families and spreading fear in communities across the country. The House of Representatives will hold a vote soon on this devastating legislation. JWI believes women and children fleeing any kind of violence should not face detention and deportation! Call yourRepresentative to vote NO on the FY 2018 DHS Appropriations Bill.

And for you... 

While we're confident that our resistance will keep healthcare intact, it's still a good idea not to wait for cancer checks. If it's been a while since your last routine breast, colon, skin, or other cancer screening, make an appointment and then enjoy some insurance-covered peace of mind. Have a healthy week!