LET'S GET TO WORK: Civic action to-do list for 8-28-17

3. Stand for equality

Today thousands of rabbis, ministers, priests, and imams are marching in the nation’s capital to protest white supremacy and racism. Clergy of many faiths are banding together at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to stand up for equality and justice - in our nation and around the world. In the final week of the congressional recess, reach out to your elected officials and tell them to follow their moral compass and vote to put social justice and civil rights first.

2. Tell Congress that children deserve healthcare!

Unless Congress renews the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) next month, nine million children will lose access to essential healthcare. All children in our country deserve affordable healthcare, even children whose parents are unable to afford it. Republicans and Democrats must come together to pass this reauthorization. Call your Representatives to tell them to fund healthcare for millions of children!

1. Demand Funding for the Violence Against Women Health Initiative!

Healthcare costs for survivors of violence, sexual assault, and stalking by intimate partners are forty-two percent higher than for non-abused women. Women who were victimized in adolescence will lose over $52,000 in expected lifetime income. The current budget before the Committee on Appropriations in the House of Representatives defunds the Violence Against Women Health Initiative, a program that funds research on ways to end systemic violence and trains health professionals on the best responses to abuse. Tell your Representative that funding to address violence against women is essential for millions of women to be able to seek help and live safely!

And for you... 

This week, do for someone else: The victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas are in need of our support. There are many ways to help; donating to the Red Cross is always a good start.