Needed improvements to VAWA, college sexual assault policies, and treatment of international abuse survivors: Civic action to-do list for 9-17-18

3. Violence Against Women Act: Needs Improvement!

Survivors of gender-based violence need Congress to come together to reauthorize a Violence Against Women Act that fills the gaps of current law. Instead, members are going to vote this month for a three-month extension of the 2013 VAWA. Senate and House leadership are including this extension in the continuing resolution that will fund the government until December 7th . This is a significant step backward in a history of trusted bipartisan negotiations on VAWA. We must continue to advocate for a timely reauthorization with critical enhancements that meet survivors’ needs. To learn more about the necessary improvements in VAWA’s reauthorization watch this webinar!

2. In college sexual assault, VICTIMS need more rights.

One in five women are victims of sexual assault during college and more than 90 percent of those assaults go unreported. It is imperative that schools create and implement policies that support survivors; unfortunately Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has created new regulations for schools that bolster the rights of accused perpetrators. Before the regulation is formally released, learn more about what a regulation ishow to submit a comment on the federal register, and why it’s important to voice your concerns through the open comment period.

1. Give refuge to international abuse survivors!

People fleeing violence in hopes of achieving the American Dream should have an opportunity to seek asylum, but the Administration has restricted asylum protections for survivors of domestic violence and drastically limited the number of refugees allowed in the country. These draconian immigration policies go against precedent and our moral compass. It is imperative that the Administration reunite all separated children with their families and not further restrict the number of refugees allowed to enter the country. (Less than 20,000 refugees entered the U.S. as of September 1 st , down from over 80,000 in 2016.) Call yourmembers of Congress and tell them to improve our immigration system!

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