Paid family leave, global women's rights, and the gun show loophole: Civic action to-do list for 2-11-19

3. Paid Family Medical Leave is Essential to All 

As an important step in achieving economic equality, the federal government must implement a comprehensive national program that provides paid family leave. This week Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. DeLauro will introduce the Family and Medical Leave (FAMILY) Act that will help meet the needs of new parents as well as for people with serious personal or family health issues. Through the creation of a shared national fund,  paid family leave will become affordable to companies of all sizes. Join the tweet chat tomorrow at 2PM by using #paidleave and #FAMILYAct and call on your Members of Congress to support the bill!

2. Restoring Women's Rights Around the Globe

Last week Sen. Shaheen and Rep. Lowey introduced a bill to reverse the Administration's unjust policy blocking non-governmental organizations (NGO's) from using their own funds to engage in abortion-related services or advocacy. The Global Health Empowerment and Rights (HER) Act would protect the health and rights of women and girls around the world and help restore the United States as a global leader. Call your Senators and Representative and tell them to co-sponsor this critical piece of legislation.

1. Close the Gun Show Loophole

As the level of gun violence in this country continues to increase, there are policies our government can implement that will reduce gun violence. Last week the House of Representatives held the first hearing on violence prevention legislation in nearly a decade, and this week the Judiciary Committee will hold debate on a universal background check bill. This week, as we remember the 17 students and teachers who were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day 2018, you can take action! Call your Representative and urge them to support the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 8) to make sure that every person who buys a gun goes through a background check first.

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