Prioritize background checks, raise minimum wage, and open the government: Civic action to-do list for 1-14-19

3. Prioritize Universal Background Checks!

Background checks before a buyer can purchase a gun are critical no matter who the seller is! Yet under current federal law, background checks are only required if a licensed gun seller is making the sale. It doesn't make sense for the focus to be on the seller rather than the buyer! HR 8, a bi-partisan bill introduced on January 8th, the anniversary of the Tucson shooting when Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot, would extend this requirement to unlicensed sellers. Stand with JWI to support universal background checks - tell your Representative that you support HR 8!

2. Raise the Wage Act!

Workers have the right to earn a living wage to support themselves and their families. Women, particularly single mothers, are adversely affected by low wages as they struggle to keep food on the table while working full-time. JWI supports raising the federal minimum wage to keep with the cost of living. Call your members of Congress and tell them you want them to vote for The Raise the Wage Act of 2019, a bi-partisan bill being introduced in both the House and this week. 

1. Open the Government!

The government shutdown is having a devastating impact on millions of Americans, especially those who are most vulnerable. Children, the elderly, and disabled people are at the greatest risk with threats to their food security, rental assistance, and myriad support services. The Senate must do its job and pass the six Appropriations bills passed by the House: We cannot be held hostage to the President's personal agenda. Call your Senators and tell them to demand that Senator McConnell brings H.R. 21 to the floor for a vote. Read more here.

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