Safe workplaces for all, costly gov't shutdowns, and critical edits to VAWA: Civic action to-do list for 12-17-18

3. Demand safe workplaces for ALL

Last week Congress finally passed a bill to address sexual harassment for employees of the Senate and House of Representatives. The bill extends protections from harassment and discrimination to include interns, improves the reporting process, provides supports for survivors, and makes sure that Members of Congress cannot use taxpayer money to settle harassment claims against them. While we applaud the passage of this bill, Congress must also pass legislation to ensure that all employees in this country are protected against sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in their places of employment.

2. Avoid a government shutdown

Congress and the Administration must work together to ensure continued government funding. With no deal in sight, there may be a partial government shutdown beginning Friday. The cost of a shutdown has real economic impacts, as well as disrupting critical services. I t is estimated that the government shutdown could cost the taxpayers up to $1.5 billion per day! Call on your Members of Congress to come together and pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded at current levels! There is no need for this wasteful and harmful shutdown.

1. Call for critical VAWA enhancements

Victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking need more from Congress than continued extensions of the current Violence Against Women Act, which expired this past September. Congress cannot continue to kick the can down the road and deny survivors the changes they so desperately need. We must ensure that the next Congress passes an enhanced reauthorization that strengthens housing protections, ensures that abusers can’t access firearms, ends impunity for non-Native offenders of sexual assault on Tribal land, and increases funding for rape prevention education. Sign this petition today to call for a bipartisan VAWA that meets the needs of survivors!

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