The Better Care Reconciliation Act is WORSE

After months of trying to formulate a healthcare plan, Senator Mitch McConnell re-introduced a disastrous new version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act last week. The legislation fails us in so many ways: It strips millions of Americans of healthcare; creates a two-tiered system with astronomically high insurance premiums and deductibles for people with pre-existing conditions; and eliminates all of the protections Obamacare provides. It is unconscionable that members of the Senate could vote to kick children, the disabled, and the elderly in nursing homes off of Medicaid with no viable, affordable alternatives.

Even America's Health Insurance Plans, the healthcare industry’s main trade group, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association spoke out against this craven legislation, telling the Chicago Tribune on Saturday, "It is unworkable in any form and would undermine protections for those with significant medical conditions, increase premiums and could lead to widespread loss of coverage for people currently enrolled in the individual market."

We cannot go back to the days where women were charged more for healthcare solely based on their gender, nor the days when insurance plans didn’t include coverage for even the most basic care. As the wealthiest nation in the world, we must ensure that affordable, quality health care is a right of all of our citizens and not a privilege for the wealthy.

The vote on this bill may be temporarily delayed, but as in any good horror story, it’s only sleeping – not dead. We must not give up or relax until this bill has been buried! It is imperative that we keep up the pressure and call on the undecided Senators Heller (NV), Murkowski (AK), Lee (UT), Capito (WV), and Portman (OH)  to vote NO.