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The Young Women's Leadership Network Watch Moment of the Month

Each month, we’ll feature one incredible woman from across a Network across the country to highlight the amazing women in our growing national community. We’ll be sharing information about them as well as some highlights from interviews with them, covering things from their favorite female role models to the best budgeting tip they’ve received.

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Meet Our Newest JWI Staff: Rachel Evans

In case you haven’t heard, our Young Women’s Leadership Network keeps getting bigger (did we mention we’re launching in SF in June?), doing larger events, and there are more women leaders than ever (have you heard about our mentorship program, now with 50 women involved?). It’s a great problem to have – really! But since even National Manager Sasha has to sleep sometimes, we realized we needed to ask for a little help. Enter: Rachel, our new YWLN Coordinator!

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PSA: Stop Asking Pregnant and Postpartum Women If They Plan on Returning to Work

By Emily Pevnick

As I prepare for a massive identity shift to “mom,” I am reading books about self-care, taking classes on transitioning to motherhood and talking to friends about their experiences. These resources prepared me for some intrusive questions about weight gain and breastfeeding, but they did not prepare me for questions about returning to work.

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