13 more lives lost; when does it end?

On Tuesday, the election results were barely in when yet another mass shooting took place - this time leaving 12 dead in a country Western bar in California.

In response to the devastating impacts of gun violence, a historic number of young people came out to vote in this election. The outcome of the election should be a clarion call to the new Congress to enact sensible gun violence prevention legislation. Something has to change.

This year alone there have been 307 mass shootings in which 12,506 people have lost their lives, and more than 3,000 children under age 18 have been killed or injured .

Now is the time:  With the beginning of the 116 th Congress only months away, please reach out to your newly-elected officials and tell them they must prioritize gun violence prevention. We can’t let this opportunity slip by; too may lives are at stake! 

Action AlertDanielle Cantor