Vote to end gun violence; vote to promote diversity; just VOTE! Civic action to-do list for 11-5-18

3. Vote, Vote, Vote!

Tomorrow is Election Day! By voting for candidates who believe in fairness and decency, commonsense gun violence prevention measures, and protecting the rights of women and girls, you can shape the political rhetoric and policies of our government. Your vote  helps determine the direction of our country. Click here to make sure you know where, when, and how to cast your ballot! 

2. Use the Ballot Box To Help End Gun Violence.

We all deserve lives free from gun violence, but in the first 10 months of the year (307 days) there were 306 mass shootings in the United States. To date, 12,343 people have been killed by firearms and 24,040 have been injured. The tragedy this weekend in Tallahassee where six people were shot – two killed – at a yoga studio reminds us that no place is safe from gun violence. Thoughts and prayers will not stop the violence, but laws and policies can. Tomorrow, let’s elect candidates who will stand up for gun violence measures like banning assault weapons, mandating background checks for all guns sales, and prohibiting convicted violent offenders from having guns. 

1. We are a Nation of Immigrants - Vote Accordingly!

As a nation of immigrants, our diversity is our strength. Providing asylum and refuge to those escaping war, famine and poverty is a cornerstone of our American values . Militarizing our borders, attempting to end birthright citizenship, and separating families goes against the tenets on which our country was founded. Vote tomorrow for elected officials who will work to reinstore the America we know! 

Action AlertDanielle Cantor