We are failing our nation by electing legislators who refuse to take action.


JWI Calls for Gun Violence Prevention Action in Wake of Florida Shooting

JWI is once again grieving over the senseless loss of lives and horrified that our government still has not taken needed steps to keep guns away from dangerous people. JWI CEO Lori Weinstein issues the following statement:

“We, as does the entire nation, are grieving alongside the students, teachers, families, and Broward County community. We are less than seven weeks into the new year and there have been 18 school shootings – averaging more than two each week. Not only have there been at least 273 school shootings nationwide since 2012’s Sandy Hook, but according to the New York Times , three of the ten deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history have occurred in the last five months.

The alleged shooter was clearly a deeply troubled young man and should not have owned an assault rifle. Yet, under current laws, he was able to legally obtain and an AR-15. Our nation needs comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation that includes additional resources for those who suffer from mental illness. Increased background checks and a ban on assault weapons will save lives. Enough. Enough. Enough. We are failing our nation by electing legislators who refuse to take action and responsibility. How many more children will die before those who have sworn to protect us will be brave enough to stand up and enact sensible gun laws?”

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