3-2-1: Bipartisan VAWA, hope for Dreamers, and where to spend $128 billion

3. Step 2 in #MeToo

One in three women in the U.S. experiences some form of physical violence by an intimate partner deserve to be heard and believed. The #MeToo movement has broken the silence of survivors of both domestic and workplace abuse, but as we saw just this past week,many still refuse to believe the women who come forward and speak truth to power. For nearly 25 years the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been our nation’s single most effective tool in providing lifesaving programs and services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Call your legislators and tell them to fully fund a bipartisan VAWA in 2018!

2. Dreamers need us today

Every American deserves a chance to live, study, and work free from the fear of deportation. And yet, 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients have spent every day since September 5th afraid they will be sent back to a country that isn’t their home. These young people are members of our military, doctors in our hospitals, and teachers in our schools. They are part of the fabric that makes America great. Today, as the Senate debates their future, demand your Senators vote for a clean #DreamAct!

1. Domestic Spending

Substance abuse treatment programs, Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics, child care services, and many other programs need to be properly funded to meet the needs of the communities they serve. The austerity measures imposed over the last several years have made it nearly impossible for these programs to serve everyone who qualifies for the assistance. Last week, Congress passed a budget that increases funding for domestic programs by $128 billion, virtually overriding the Administration’s budget that was released today and advocates for restricting domestic spending even further. While the Administration’s budget may indicate White House priorities, Congress has the unique ability to decide where to allocate the money. Tell your Representative and Senators to fund child care assistance, community health centers, domestic violence shelters, or other programs important to you!

And for you... 

Enjoy the ray of sunshine that is figure skater Aimee Buchanan, who is representing Israel at the Olympics in PyeongChang. The 24-year-old smiled throughout her entire short program, inspiring commentators to remind us all that "The object of Olympics is to take part. That is the joy of sport."

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