#Enough gun violence, a pathway to citizenship, and faith-based discrimination: Civic action to-do list for 3-26-18

3. #Enough

On Saturday, more than a million people came together, from around the country and the world, to demand that policy makers do their job and protect us all from daily gun violence and frequent mass shootings. JWI stood with tens of thousands of students to demand our nation’s leaders act to save lives! The message is simple – pass gun violence prevention legislation now if you want to stay in office! Some basic commonsense policies that would make a real difference:

1.  All firearms purchasers should have to go through a background check

2.  No perpetrator of intimate partner violence should have access to firearms

3.  No assault weapons or high capacity magazines should be sold in the United States

If your elected officials don’t agree, it’s time to vote them out of office. Make sure you are registered to vote at your current address and check here to see if you can request an absentee ballot to make voting even easier for the 2018 midterm elections!

2. Demand a DACA Fix

Due in large part to urgent demands from grassroots activists across America, last week President Trump signed into law an omnibus spending package that provides funding for much needed domestic priorities and incentivizes states to add domestic violence records to the background check system. While this funding is incredibly important, it is reprehensible that Congress has not yet found a pathway to citizenship for the 800,000 DACA recipients. For the next two weeks, with Congress in recess, visit a town hall meeting and demand that your Representative and Senators protect these young people from deportation.

1. Stand Up Against Discrimination

It is unconstitutional for health care providers to deny services based on their own religious beliefs. On Tuesday, JWI will submit a formal comment opposing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ proposed rule to do just that! HHS uses a deeply flawed interpretation of religious liberty to justify denying healthcare services because of a provider’s “moral or religious belief.” On Tuesday at noon EST, watch on Facebook as organizations participate in a comment delivery event and click here to submit your own comment to Secretary Azar