Harassment in the House, asylum for abuse survivors, and Town Hall for Our Lives: Civic action to-do list for 4-2-18

3. Sexual Harassment in Congress

If there is anything that should have been learned in the wake of #MeToo it’s that almost every woman has a sexual harassment story, and for congressional staffers it is no different. While 40 percent of female congressional employees believe sexual harassment is a problem in their workplace, male Senators are holding up a vote on a resolution that could help! Join all of the female Senators in demanding that their colleagues bring before the entire Senate legislation to prevent violence in the workplace and help survivors who seek justice.

2. Asylum Protections for Survivors

Asylum should be granted to survivors of domestic violence who are fleeing their home countries because of abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of their husbands. Under current law, asylum applicants who can show that their harm rises to the level of persecution are eligible for asylum. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that he is considering abolishing this important protection. Denying asylum to women who faced unimaginable violence goes against long-settled U.S. policy and against our moral compass – we can do better! Listen to Aracely, a domestic violence asylum grantee, tell her harrowing story to understand the impact of this change in policy, and then click here to sign a petition calling on the Attorney General to uphold these critical protections for survivors.

1. Town Hall for Our Lives

The Parkland students ignited a movement to push for common sense gun laws, and it is up to each of us to keep up the momentum and demand action. Our politicians are on notice that they must do their jobs and pass life-saving legislation that will protect us all from gun violence. Now is the time to insist that your representative step up – attend a Town Hall for Our Lives on April 7th. These town halls are being organized by March for Our Lives and the Town Hall Project to enable each of us to confront our representative and demand lifesaving legislation.

Check to see if your representative is hosting a town hall on April 7thto discuss gun violence prevention policies that will save lives; if they aren’t, click here for next steps on how to create your own town hall.