LET'S GET TO WORK: Civic action to-do list for 3-13-17

3. Protect Birth Control Coverage

Today we've been flooding the Health and Human Services phone lines with calls telling Secretary Tom Price - who is anti-ACA and anti-choice - that we won’t stand for any attacks on the birth control benefit. Price's voice mail is already full, so EMAIL HIM TODAY at [email protected]. Include your name and the state where you live, and tell him why no-cost birth control coverage is so important to you and others across the country.

2. Speak Out on JWI's Young Women's Advocacy Day

Calling all young women activists! Join JWI on April 3rd for a day of activism on Capitol Hill, where we'll confront issues like domestic and sexual violence, reproductive rights, and equal pay with our nation's lawmakers. Take a day off from work to make your voice heard! Your country will thank you. 

1. Have (a little) Fun Calling Your Congressional Reps

Calling Congress is the most effective action we can take to make certain our views are represented. To keep the momentum going, check out this new tool from FiftyNifty.org – a way to gamify your efforts by participating in a challenge to create a personal network that will generate calls in all 50 states.

And for you...

Take a self-care cue from today's most admired, respected, and tenacious woman leader (who turns 84 this Wednesday - happy birthday!): Try the Ruth Bader Ginsburg workout - or if that's too tough (as it was for Politico's Ben Schreckinger), check out her less physically taxing advice for living.