LET'S GET TO WORK: Civic action to-do list for 3-20-17

3. Realize Your Power and Run!

Last week, JWI constituents met for a private, off-the-record briefing with Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Her message to women thinking about running for office: We need you. If you have passion, if you believe in something, you should run. Every position matters - such as the school and library boards that the Freedom Caucus is working hard to fill: These officials control what is being taught to our children. "This is our moment when we have to stand up," she said. "This is a special moment for us to be powerful.”

2. Say No to Gorsuch

President Trump’s Supreme Court justice nominee Neil Gorsuch aligned himself against women and families in the Hobby Lobby case, and allegedly told law students last year that employers should ask women candidates about family planning. On the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch would impede equality and threaten the rights and safety of women and girls. His confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee start today, so call your senators and let them know that Gorsuch is bad for women!

1. Oppose AHCA

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) passed the House Budget Committee on March 16th and should reach the House floor this week. The President and some members of Congress are determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which made huge advances for coverage of women’s healthcare services - life-saving progress that the AHCA will unravel. If you care about abortion access, maternity care, and birth control coverage, call your representatives and speak out against this dangerous bill.

And for you...

Some reassurance from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky: When asked how she gets through the day, she replied that she feels hopeful because, “I have never seen such a mobilization of people as I have today.” 

YOU are part of that power. Embrace it; enjoy it; make the most of it!