3-2-1: Help us fight this devastating tax bill.

3. Devastating tax bill

The tax bill currently being considered in the Senate is devastating to low and middle income women and families. The bill:

  • Adds $1.3 trillion to the national debt while threatening healthcare and a wide range of programs for working and middle class families.
  • Kicks thirteen million people off of their health insurance.
  • Eliminates the estate tax, which will lead to an even greater divide between the wealthy and everyone else.

While corporations and the wealthy have much to gain, many Americans will be left to pick up the pieces of this hastily written bill. Call your Senators today and tell them to vote NO on the tax bill!

2. Children's healthcare at risk

All children deserve access to healthcare, but 9 million children will lose their health insurance if the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) isn’t reauthorized. Funding for CHIP expired in October and now five states will run out of money by the end of December if Congress doesn’t act. Call on Congress to do the right thing and reauthorize CHIP immediately. 

1. 16 Days of Activism

JWI is once again partnering in the global campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an international effort to advocate for the safety and security of women and girls around the world. For the 16 days in between International Human Rights Day (November 25) and the International Day Against Violence Against Women (December 10), JWI will use social media to share key information about the International Violence Against Women Act as well as statistics on gender-based violence. To participate in the discussion follow JWI and #16daysofactivism on Twitter. 

And for you... 

In response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, tomorrow is a reminder to give to the causes you care most about. JWI works on behalf of women and girls every day, and we can't do it without you. This Giving Tuesday, consider supporting JWI via the link below or the "Donate" button on Facebook.

Danielle Cantor