Mass shootings, women's rights, and zero tolerance: Civic action to-do list for 7-2-2018

So much has happened in the last week that we had a hard time selecting only three issues for action! From the wholesale ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries to separating children and parents escaping violence to the vacancy on the Supreme Court to mass gun violence to allowing fake crisis pregnancy centers to withhold information from patients – the list goes on and on. Please take action on the three items below!  

3. Another mass shooting in the news

We won’t give up demanding gun violence prevention legislation. Congress must take action and do their part to prevent mass shootings! Just last week five people were shot and killed at the small Maryland newspaper where they worked – and this was the 43rd incident in June in which four or more people were shot. America’s permissive gun laws create a culture in which there are more guns than people in this country (121 guns for every 100 residents). Congress must do their job to limit access to guns and protect our families and communities!

2. Choice is at risk

Women should have autonomy and control over their own bodies, but President Trump has pledged to nominate Supreme Court justices that will overturn this fundamental right. With the new vacancy on the Court, access to safe and legal abortions in this country are on the line. Call your Senators and tell them to oppose any nominee who does not pledge to protect the rights of all people, including women and their constitutional right to abortion. 

1. Zero Tolerance is inhumane

The inhumane “zero-tolerance” immigration policy must be stopped – children should no longer be separated from their parents, all children must be reunited with their parents, and families coming across the border should not be detained indefinitely. Yesterday, JWI marched alongside hundreds of thousands of people at rallies across the country to demand an end to the Administration’s immigration policies, including the ban on any immigration from five Muslim-majority countries. Now call on Congress to take action and pass comprehensive immigration legislation to fix our broken system.