Supreme Court lets down women and immigrants in two catastrophic decisions


Yesterday the Supreme Court let down women and immigrants in two decisions that will have potentially catastrophic effects on their rights and their lives.

Two court cases were decided by a 5-4 conservative majority: NIFLA v. Becerra further restricts the rights of women by denying them accurate information in their healthcare decisions; and Trump v. Hawaii reinforces the anti-Muslim sentiment of the Trump Administration by banning the immigration of Muslims from certain countries.

JWI’s CEO, Lori Weinstein, issued the following statement in response to the two decisions:

NIFLA v. Becerra

The deceptive practices used by Fake Women’s Health Centers have no place in our healthcare system, and yet the Court declared that crisis pregnancy clinics have the right to lie and mislead women seeking services. The Court’s mistaken decision weaponizes the First Amendment by allowing supposed “healthcare” facilities to mislead women, imperiling their health and safety. Women have the right to accurate information when making decisions about their reproductive choices. This decision is an affront to the hard won rights of women who fought for decades for the opportunity to make choices about their own lives.

Trump v. Hawaii

The intent of the Administration’s executive order banning Muslim immigrants from entering the United States is clearly tied to anti-Muslim animus. Denying a group of individuals entry to the United States based on their religion is an affront to the basic values on which our country was built.  We stand in solidarity with our Muslim colleagues and their families: We understand all too well the impact of being denied entry to this country based on religion and country of origin.