LET'S GET TO WORK: Civic action to-do list for 5-29-17

3. Protect our Healthcare

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finally released its analysis of the devastating American Health Care Act (AHCA) that passed the House earlier this month. According to the non-partisan report, 14 million people would lose their healthcare within a year and millions more would follow over the next decade. Making a bad situation much worse, the Administration’s budget proposal cuts Medicaid funding at even higher rates than those proposed in the AHCA, putting 1 in 5 women at incredible risk. Call your Senator and make sure the AHCA is dead on arrival.

2. Stand up for Planned Parenthood

The President’s budget specifically goes after Planned Parenthood, preventing the largest women’s health care provider from participating in any federally funded program. Health clinics across the country would be unable to provide services funded through Medicaid and the Title X program that designates specific funding for birth control. In addition, Planned Parenthood would be forced to end programs that work on Zika prevention, HIV prevention, breast and cervical cancer screenings, maternal and child health, STD and infertility treatment, and sexual assault prevention. Stand up for women’s health by calling on your Senators and Representatives during the recess to oppose the budget!

1. Be a champion for vulnerable people and programs

Women and families will be irrevocably harmed by the Administration’s proposed budget. First, massive cuts to food and financial assistance will disproportionately affect women, who receive the majority of this aid. Reductions to the student loan forgiveness program, the Women’s Bureau funding, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance would further devastate women’s economic security. Without adequate funding to promote working women and go after equal pay violations, companies will have free reign to maintain their unequal pay practices. This budget also guts State Department spending on education, health, and hygiene for women and girls around the world. Go to a town hall during recess to tell your elected official why we should take the scissors to the budget, not programs that help women.

And for you...

Yesterday was Memorial Day, when we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Women are among the fallen, yet many misconceptions prevail about women in the military. Learn more about these brave heroes by hearing them share, in their own words, what it means to serve.