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Heidi Hookman Brodsky

After the birth of her third child, Heidi Hookman Brodsky made the decision to leave her job and focus on raising her daughters – but her drive to make a difference eventually drew her back to volunteer work. In all, she has worked as a community volunteer, organizer, and leader for 20 years, serving organizations including the D.C. Volunteer Lawyers Project and the Bender JCC of Greater Washington.

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Brenda Brody

As senior vice president of strategy and account services at PineRock, Inc., Brenda Brody has built a career designing and producing global meetings, events, training, and media to help some of the nation’s largest and most successful companies communicate with their leadership, their shareholders, their employees, and the world

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Michelle P. Cooper

A 25-year veteran of the estate planning, finance, and tax fields, Michelle P. Cooper is the director and co-founder of XML-W, a division of XML Financial Group focused on the financial needs of women. Her book, I’ve Still Got Me - A Widow’s Journey to Love, Happiness & Financial Independence, tells her personal story of resilience after losing her first husband to suicide.

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Liz Josefsberg

Liz Josefsberg walked into a Weight Watchers meeting looking to get healthy; 10 years later she was a health, wellness, and weight-loss expert co-hosting Dr. Oz. Today she creates weight loss programs for corporate and high-profile individual clients and consults with companies bringing technology-enabled weight loss and health devices to market.

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Idit Klein

Idit Klein always had an awareness of who was – and was not – included in our society. The founding executive director and leader of Keshet, the national organization for LGBTQ equality in Jewish life, cites learning about her family’s Holocaust history as the defining moment that set her on a path to lifelong activism.

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Taking Action, Creating Change: Join JWI for Young Women’s Advocacy Day

By Megan Dorward

Every year, JWI brings young women from all over the country to capitol hill to meet with senior staff and key congressional leaders. As part of our dedication to civic engagement, we meet with more than 20 Congressional offices to discuss key legislative issues including the Violence Against Women Act, Reproductive Rights, gun violence prevention, and equal pay. Read more to learn more about one attendees experience and consider joining us on April 1st from 8:00am-1:00pm.

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Helping Women from Menstruation to Menopause: A Conversation with Vagipreneur Rachel Braun Scherl

By Sue Tomchin

When you plug the word “entrepreneur” into Google you get 791 million results. Rachel Braun Scherl has carved out a unique and gutsy category within this mammoth realm. She calls herself a “vagipreneur™ —an entrepreneur focused on the business of female sexual health and wellness.

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How the Purim story teaches us about gendered appearance expectations

By Rabbi Richard Hirsh

Despite the hyperbole that is characteristic of the Scroll of Esther, this  gender-specific discrepancy in how much time must be allowed to prepare oneself for public presentation remains a conundrum in contemporary teen-age culture, inside the synagogue as well as outside. There remain significant discrepancies between Bar Mitzvah boys and Bat Mitzvah girls when it comes to "how to dress."

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Student D'Vars Bring New Perspectives to Ancient Texts

Our Change the Culture Student Ambassador Program empowers students to be activists, bringing conversations about healthy relationships to their campuses. One way they do this is through Healthy Relationship Shabbats - where students are brought together over dinner for activities and discussion on the qualities of a healthy relationship in a Jewish context. These student d’vars show how students are engaging closely with JWI’s work, and framing their college experience through ancient text.

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The Bachelor Franchise says “Me Too”

By Sasha Altschuler and Erin McMullen

Here at JWI, several of us identify as members of Bachelor Nation, and Caelynn’s disclosure to Colton about her experiences as a sexual assault survivor deeply resonated with us. One in five women are sexual assault survivors, which means one in five women watching the Bachelor are victims of sexual assault. Caelynn’s public confession is more than incredibly brave; it’s an opportunity to open a critical dialogue.

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Life-affirming lessons from Holocaust survivors

By Dara Biton

With their infectious attitudes, bubbly personalities, and overall joyful demeanors, Edith, Mary Bauer, and Martha Sternback, are the embodiment of “not letting them win.” LAMOTH’s L’Dough V’Dough program (a play on the Hebrew, L’Dor V’Dor--from generation to generation) brings together survivors with participants from local schools and organizations. They spend a few hours together braiding challah dough, and while the challah bakes, hearing the survivors’ powerful stories.

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Acting on the Young Women’s Leadership Conference

By Carrie Seleman

We all know the story: You go to a conference; you take note of ideas, strategies and goals; you leave the conference telling people you’re going to implement all of these new ideas, strategies and goals. Then, regrettably, you fall back into your usual rhythm. You come down from the high of being surrounded by successful and inspiring role models without implementing any of the ideas, strategies or goals that you left the conference with.

I’ve starred in this story more times than I can count on two hands. But the YWLC was different.

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